Stik Lock is a quick and easy way for any DIYer to install tinted screens on their windows. 

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No mess, no fuss DIY instant window treatments

The benefits of adding window tint to your home or RV are clear. More privacy. Less UV damage. Better insulation. But so many “tint kits” create a headache with complicated installations or less-than-ideal results. You want a perfect fit that you can enjoy for years. That’s why we’re offering the exclusive Stik-Lock kit — no drilling, no wrinkles, no special tools, and no experience needed. Professional quality tinted windows without needing a professional.

Skylight Sun Shades:

  • Leave the drill behind: Our rugged and secure Stik-Lock tape means you don’t have to hold a drill above your head while trying to install tint!
  • A no leak guarantee: With no drilling you don’t have to worry every time it rains.
  • The perfect fit: You’ll be able to cut to size so any skylight can have the right tint.
  • Extra sun protection: Add UV protection plus block 90% of incoming heat.

Window Sun Shades

No mess, no fuss DIY instant window treatments

  • Keep the view, ditch the heat: Our “see-through” tint offers exterior protection from the sun without ruining your views.
  • Add privacy: Whether you want extra privacy while enjoying your RV or just added security at home, our tint can improve your experience.
  • Protect yourself: Cut down on UV damage as well as glare with our Clima-Stop seal!

How does it work?

Our do-it-yourself friendly Innovation Stik-Lock® tape allows you to quickly and easily install optical-grade exterior tint on vinyl (rigid PVC) and aluminum window frames without drilling or using screws.

Cut to Size


Apply Stik-Lock tape to the window perimeter


Apply our tint

ENJOY !!! 

The Stik-Lock Advanage

Most tint kits require special tools, and even then, you’re left with wrinkled tint that can’t stand up to the weather. Our patented Stik-Lock® tape and our proprietary non-crack tint make it easy for you to “cut to size” and install right on site. Since it’s cold-proof, you can install it on the outside with no worries, too, even in extreme winter weather.
Our “NO DRILL” Stik-Lock® tape also means no holes in your skylights, windows, or RV with professional-looking results, every time. We’ve heard the concerns about installing tint on your own, and made the perfect solution so you can get the look and protection you’ve always wanted. No fading, cracking, or wrinkling, all at a fraction of what professional installers charge.

If this sounds familiar, you need Stik-Lock:

  • The sun is beating into your living or working space, making you hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.
  • UV rays are damaging your wood floors, furniture, artwork, and other belongings day after day.
  • You have sun glare on your expensive TV or computer, ruining the viewing experience and also causing eye strain.
  • You’re spending way too much on air conditioning
  • The sun reflecting off the outside of windows (especially Low-E) is melting your vinyl siding.

    Your great views are blocked by traditional interior blinds, sun shades, or reflective material.

Easy Install Skylight Tint

Don’t mess with a drill. Get Stik-Lock and tint skylights fast.

Most DIY weekend warriors worry about touching skylights, and with good reason. Skylights add beauty and dimension to homes and RVs, but they also can be finicky with leaks and they allow more heat inside than any window. With no special tools needed, you can install tint that works with any manufacturer, and you won’t see leaks or wrinkles. It’s a DIY dream — easy installation and big results.

Our Exterior Skylight Tint Fits Them All

Using our patented no-drill Stik-Lock® fastening system, you can install skylight solar shades and exterior skylight blinds on any skylight. Whether you purchased your skylight from Lowes, Amazon, Home Depot, IKEA, ABC supply or your local home building supplier, Stik-Lock® fits them all. Stik-Lock’s heat blocking skylight tint is guaranteed universal fit for all glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic skylights manufactured by brands including:

  • Velux Skylights
  • Cristalite
  • Fakro
  • Columbia Skylights
  • Wasco
  • Daylite
  • Bristolite
  • Pella
  • IQ
  • SunOptics
  • Sun-Tek
  • Skyview


  • Weather-Proof: Our proprietary, optical-grade Colf-Proof skylight tint can withstand extreme weather
  • Sun protection: Our tint blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays.
  • Seal the Deal: The patented Clima-Stop™ System seals your skylight.
  • Any shape or size: This is your solution for flat glass or curved plastic domed skylights. Stik-Lock skylight tint can be used for large commercial triangle shaped skylights as well.
  • Budget saver: Stik-Lock is the best solution when interior skylight blinds are not available or simply just too expensive for your budget.
  • Cut your AC bills: You’ll notice Stik-Lock pays for itself with lower AC bills!